Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ceaseless endeavor, undertaken at The Coca-Cola Corporation™ these past few days! Files stored (piles drawer'd), light-bulbs switched (darkness nixed), gripes at risk (slights may shift[!]) - thundering around my desk's doldrums. These rancid rampaging deities! Bureaucratic demigoddesses adorned in garter-greaves of silk, drawing wayward eyes from heel-spiked feet to aired-out blouse (businessmen avatars, denoted by an unblemished Armani epidermis [labeled immortality, fit for ambrosial existence]) - what power they lord over my department chair's(head[!]) How suavely our superiors stride, swinging across life's fluffy rafters like Mangani ape-men, as impeccable in appearance as they are in aptitude. Projects reassigned in a moment's notice, architecture redefined in an minute's instant. Total control (with no one knowing when they'll show [NOW?! or now? or n-OW!]), circumstance be damned.

I'm privy to it all. (Fantastic[!])

Oh, it's all mundane, but what else is the same? A sing-song, pattering-along form of coping works better than any crumpled-up letter, anxieties shredded and rent and read and bent all out of shape years before you could inspire yourself to write them down on a paper you're set to trash (ignore[!]) regardless. Or tirades to a psycholo-gist, the general mental spade, a sharp wedge built to dig up your inflamed troubles and leave them exposed for the Prozac rain to hose. Why lather on a drizzle? Why shunt them back? They're there, (you know[!]) and so am I, and it's unhealthy to keep away what isn't safe to say. So our lords cavort along, heedless to their peons, and the ship runs tight, to continue before's metaphor. KO stock today at $69.27. We've packed our cannons firm and strung out the sail; (oars[!]) at the ready, we tense for the shove-off order. Suffice to say no one's had that day.

But pearls shine wherever one goes searching, so on Monday, The Coca-Cola Corporation™ rejuvenates my employment and I dive into madness bay looking after glimpses. That will keep me sane for one more day. Work, at last.

-Moe Nunbady

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